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When designing your new app or website, it is always helpful to have some of the basic blocks of your design built for you. Having the small things taken care of you will surely boost your efficiency. This is why resources have been a big deal when it comes to design tools. If you are using Figma, we have put together Figma resource sites and other kits that will help you with your next work:

1. Figma Resource Hub

figma resource hub

The most obvious resource site would be Figma’s resources hub. If you are just getting started, this might be a good place to look. They have a well-curated list of resources, assets, courses, and guides. It is a bit limited but this will give a good starting point for any newcomers.

2. Figma Crush

figma crush ui resources

Figma Crush is as it states ‘The biggest collection of free resources for Figma’. It contains a variety of Figma resources with descriptions to help you browse through and get what you need. Choices vary from Figma components such as buttons to full-fledged UI Kits. With choices for both freebies and some premium resources, it is the best site out there for Figma resources.

3. Figma Finder

figma finder ui resources

Figma Finder also provides you with resources but it is very limited for now. An easy browsing system in the website and categorization is still in the works. Figma finder has a good selection of free and premium resources with top pick suggestions as well.

4.  Figma Freebies

figma freebies

Figma freebies as the name suggest give you Figma resources for free. No sign-up or registration required. Browsing is quite easy with good categorization for templates, UI Kits and more. There are a lot of choices to pick from.

5. FreebiesUI

freebies ui

Freebies UI is another website with a vast library of resources. This site even provides templates for other design tools like Adobe and Sketch. All of their resources are well categorized. Finding stuff is a lot easier as opposed to other resource sites.

6. Figma Themes

figma themes

Figma theme has a limited selection of free and premium Figma component libraries, UI kits templates, etc. but they are of really high quality.

The other resource site would be This site is another site that provides free resources. But, in its current state, this site has some UI bugs. It’s pretty hard to understand what the sources are for as the description and the pictures overlap with each other. It’s landing page is well made but when pressing the “SEE ALL RESOURCES” button, problems can be observed. Still, you may just find what you are looking for here.

These resources come in handy for many purposes and help build a complete work. These are always available and you can use them with your creativity. Take a look and see for yourself if these websites hold something for your needs.

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