Top 10 web design inspirations (2019)

Handpicked web design inspirations for you.

We compiled 5 of the best website designs by skillful designers. The list is in no specific order.

1. Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler

This is a scheduling dashboard designed by UGEM. It is beautiful to look at. The colors align well and give a compelling look.

2. Sleep Analysis Dashboard

Sleep Analysis

This is a sleek looking sleep analysis app design by Maciej Kataska. The dashboard provides relevant information in a clean UI with funky colors.

3. Cryptocurrency Dashboard

Cryptocurrency Dashboard

An interesting concept by Taras migulko lets you keep track of all your activity and your cards. The primary activity overview is nicely laid out. The dashboard looks clean and simple.

4. Investment Home Page

Investment Page

This is a beautiful design concept for real estate investments. The illustration is lovely. Overall a great website designed by Lisa Parker.

5. Xbox Store

Xbox Store

The UI concept for this design is familiar and easy to use. It is clean with a clear focus on the product, i.e. the adaptive controller. The color theme matches the Xbox. An impressive work by Giorgi Kalandia.

6. Learning Music

Learning Music

A music learning web design with beautiful illustrations is shaped by Sushama Patel. The concept has vibrant colors and looks great.

7. Furniture Market

Furniture Market

This is the web design concept of display shopping for hand-made furniture by Hwsoul. It has a calm vibe to it due to its colors and looks impeccable.

8. Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

An impressive illustration by CXB4 is aesthetically pleasing. The illustration focused website is beautiful to look at.

9. Kriptomaning


Cryptocurrency focused web design devised by Sigit Setyo Nugroho has beautiful illustrations and a great look. It’s a cool concept to keep viewers intrigued on the website.

10. TimeNote


This dark-themed website has a clean layout. Filip Legierski did a great job of keeping the concept simple.

Wrapping Up

These are our top picks for web design inspirations of 2019. Hope these designs inspire you for your next big creation.

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