Top 10 mobile design inspirations (2019)

Handpicked mobile UI design inspirations for you.

We collected the best mobile UI designs and mockups created by the finest designers around. The list is in no specific order.

1. Goals and Wishes Page UI

clean mobile ui for goals and wishes tracking

A beautiful design made by Dan Moss for Brave Wings is a show of his expertise in the field. Unique, bold and minimal is the perfect description for the design.

2. Smart Lamp Application UI

Smart Lamp App

A smart lamp control app by RonDesignLab is simply gorgeous. The unique color picker and navigation layout make it one of the coolest looking home automation UI around.

3. Soft Drinks App UI

Soft Drinks App

The app design made by Lemon is a wonderful work with beautiful aesthetics. It has a calm vibe. The colors also look great.

4. Slickfish Dating App UI

Slickfish Dating App

This UI is colorful and looks great. A work by Onjei Broklin, the illustrations are absolutely stunning and gives a real character to the design.

5. Flights Ticket App UI

Flights Ticket App

Flights Ticket app is a UI design by Gleb Kuznetsov. It is clean, minimal and practical.

6. World Of Working App UI

World Of Working App

The design by Darek Berendt is to make people understand fully about the concept of activity-based workplace. It is a fresh look with clean design and details also look great.

7. Chome UI

Chome UI

This redesign for zarahome is created by Michelle. It uses classic colors and lighter interactive controls to make users more immersed.

8. Sleep App UI

Sleep App UI

A slick app design by Purrweb UX team looks great. It’s main focus is people getting a good nights’ sleep and they are working on the app itself.

9. Task Management App UI

Task Management

This design by Masudur Rahman is made for setting up new projects and share tasks easily. The design is clean and colors align well with its contents.

10. Real Estate Analysis App UI

Real Estate Analysis

The concept uses soothing color and clean layout. The layout helps a lot to navigate and is a great take on the design by creator Gabe Becker.

Wrapping Up

These are our top picks for mobile design inspirations of 2019. Hope these designs inspire you for your next big creation.

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